Wang Qingsong
Resume Info Exhibitions Artworks Comments Video/interview

1966 Born in Heilongjiang Province, China

1991 Graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan, China

1993-present Living and working in Beijing

Solo Exhibitions

2007 “Thinker”,Chinablue Gallery, China

2007 “China: Past, Present & Future”, MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen, Germany

2006 “Wang Qingsong”, Albion Gallery, London, UK

2005 “Wang Qingsong in Arras”, Arras City Hall, Art Academy, Public Library, Arras, France


“Wang Qingsong New Works”, Salon 94, New York, USA

“Romantique---Wang Qingsong Photography”, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China

2003 “Wang Qingsong : Present-day Epics”, Saidye Bronfman Contemporary Art Centre, Montreal Canada


“Golden Future – Wang Qingsong Photographic Exhibition”, Loft Gallery, Paris, France

“Wang Qingsong Photographic Exhibition”, The 2nd Pingyao International Photography Fair, Shanxi Province, China

“Ironic Times – Wang Qingsong Photographic Exhibition” Oriental Foundation, Macao, China

“Psalms of Life – Wang Qingsong Photographic Exhibition”, Wan Fung Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Group Exhibition

2008 “Fabricating Images from History Contemporary Photography Exhibition”,Chinablue Gallery


“ZHUYI! CHINA – Contemporary Photography from China”, Artium of Alava (Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporaneo ARTIUM), Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque, Spain

“Timer: Intimacy, the Triennale di Milano”, Milan, Italy

“Thermocline of Art – New Asian Waves”, ZKM – Museum of Contemporary Art, Karlsruhe, Germany


“Follow Me”, Selfridges Department Store, London, UK

“Photobiennial”, Moscow House of Photography, Moscow, Russia

“2nd Bucharest Biennial”, Romania

“Public Image”, Liege, Belgium

“Acting the Part – The History of Staged Photography,” National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

“The 37th Arles Photography Meet”, Arles, France

“10th Venice Architecture Biennial”, Venice, Italy

“Ecotopia: ICP Triennial”, New York City, USA


“Re-viewing the City --- Guangdong International Photo Biennial”, Guangdong Museum of Art, China

“Over One Billion Served”, Singapore Civilisations Museum, Singapore

“The 1st Montpellier International Biennial of Contemporary Chinese Art”, Montpellier, France

“Follow Me! Chinese Art at the Threshold of the Millennium”, Mori Art Museum, Japan

“Between the Past and the Future – New Photography and Video from China”, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

“The Chinese – Contemporary Photography and Video from China”, Het Kruithuis Museum, the Netherlands

“Pocheon Asian Art Fair (PAAF2005)”, Pocheon, Korea

“Baroque and Neo-Baroque – The Hell of Beauty”, Domus Atrium 2002, Salamanca, Spain

“Strange Heaven: Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Tennis Palace Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

“Always to the Front – Chinese Contemporary Art”, Guandu Art Museum, Taiwan

“Beyond Delirious – Architecture in Selected Photographs form the Ella Fontanals Cisneros Collection”, Miami, USA

“Grounding Reality – Chinese Contemporary Art”, Seoul Art Centre, Seoul, Korea


“Over One Billion Served”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA

“Photosynkyria --- Photography as Narrative Art”, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Greece

“Superb Mastery – Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Taiwan Contemporary Art Museum, Taiwan

“Officina”, Galeria of Modern Arte, Bologna, Italy

“New Photography from China”, International Centre of Photography, New York City, USA

“Images of History”, Madrid Photography Fair, Spain

“Countrymen – Images of Contemporary China”, Wolfsburg Art Museum, Germany

“Past in Reverse”, San Diego Museum of Art, USA

“Exposure – Hereford Photography Festival”, Herefordshire, UK

“Weird Reality – Young Artists from China, Korea and Japan”, Korean National Contemporary Art Museum, Seoul, Korea


“Prague Biennial”, Prague, Czech Republic

“China Art Now”, Marella Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan, Italy

“Fashion and Style”, Moscow Photographic Art Museum, Russia

“Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Rudolfinum Art Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

“Noorderlicht Photofestival – Global Detail”, Groningen, the Netherlands

“Montreal Month of Photography – Now: Images of Today”, Montreal, Canada


“New Year Dream”, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester, UK

“Run, Jump, Climb and Walk”, East Modern Art Centre, Beijing, China

“Money and Value/ The Last Taboo”, Basel, Switzerland

“Special Projects”, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre, New York, USA

“Chinese Modernity”, Museum of the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Daydream”, Nanjing Museum, China

“The 2nd Pinyao International Photography Festival”, Shanxi Province, China

“Paris-Pekin”, Espace Cardin, Paris, France

“CHINART”, Kuppersmuhle Museum, Zeitgenossische Kunst, Duisburg / Rome etc. (travelling exhibition)


 “Constructed Reality – Conceptual Photography from Beijing”, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

“Next Generation”, Passage de Retz, Paris, France

“Promenade in Asia-CUTE”, Mito Art Tower, Japan

“China Album”, Nice Contemporary Art Museum, Nice, France

“CROSS-PRESSURES”, Finnish Museum of Photography, Finland

“Asian Contemporary Art”, Guangdong Art Museum, China


“Man + Space – 3rd Kwangju Biennial 2000”, Kwangju, Korea

“BIG TORINO 2000 Biennale Arte Emergente”, Turin, Italy

“China Avant-Garde Artists Documenta”, Fukuoka Museum of Art, Japan

“Unusual and Usual”, Yuangong Art Museum, Shanghai, China


“Ooh La La, Kitsch!”, TEDA Contemporary Art Museum, Tianjin, China

“SYNERGI: Fourteen Danish and Foreign Artists Exhibition”, Udviklings Centre Odsherred, Copenhagen, Denmark

1998 “Sites of Desire: 1998 Taipei Biennial”, Taipei Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

1997 “Quotation Marks: Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings”, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore


“China!” Kunst Museum, Bonn, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)

“Gaudy Life”, Wan Fung Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Public Collections of Wang Qingsong’s Artworks: (1997-2006)

1. The International Centre of Photography, New York, USA (2000)

2. Queensland Art Gallery, Australia (2001)

3. JGS Foundation, New York, USA (2001)

4. Art Tower Mito—Contemporary Art Museum, Japan (2002)

5. Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP), Paris, France (2002)

6. Guy and Miriam Ullens Foundation, Switzerland (2002)

7. National Art Museum of Brazil, Brazil (2002)

8. Oriente Foundacion, Portugal (2002)

9. The Moscow House of Photography, Russia (2003)

10. Smart Museum of University of Chicago, USA (2004)

11. Brooklyn Museum, USA (2004)

12. Williams College of Art, USA (2005)

13. MUMOK, Austria (2005)

14. Mori Art Museum, Japan (2005)

15. New Orleans Museum of Art, USA (2005)

16. Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA (2005)

17. Cisneros Foundation, Miami, USA (2005)

18. K20 and K21, Dusseldorf, Germany

19. San Diego Museum of Art, USA (2006)

20. Billstone Foundation, Spain (2006)