Wang Huaxiang
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1962 Born in Guizhou

1981 Graduated from Guizhou Provincial Art Academy

1988 Graduated from Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA),Beijing

Present: Associate Director of Printmaking Department, CAFA; Master of Feidi Art Gallery

Solo Exhibitions


“Close Quarters” CAFA Exhibition Gallery; Hui Cui Gallery in Guangzhou;

Exhibition Hall of Macao Artists Association

1996 “Between Reality and Nihility” Schoeni Gallery in Hong Kong

1999 “Inexistent Reality” Schoeni Gallery

2000 “Oil-painting, Printmaking, Acting” Red-Gate Art Gallery in Beijing

2001 “A Concentration” Knight Gallery in Shenzhen


“Reformation” –Exhibition of Wang Huaxiang’s Portraits of Art History

China National Museum of Fine Arts

2007 Happily Astray-Exhibition of Selected Sketch and Print by Wang Huaxiang

Joint Exhibitions

1989 The Seventh National Art Exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts

1990 Exhibition of Masterpieces of Chinese Contemporary Art, Japan


Beijing-Taipei Printmaking Exhibition, CAFA Gallery

Exhibition of A New Generation, National Museum of Chinese History, Beijing

1992 Spanish International Printmaking Exhibition, Spain


Grand Exposition of China in 20th Century, China National Museum of Fine Arts

China’s New Art in Post-1989 Era, Marlborough Gallery, London; Hanart Gallery, Hong Kong


Asia’s Expo. Of Fashion Art, International Convention & Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

Taiwan Art Expo. , Taiwan

Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings Exhibition: From Realism to Post-Modernism, Belgium

Asia Art Expo., Hong Kong

Chinese Contemporary Oil Paintings Exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand

Images of Femininity ll, Schoeni Gallery


Tour Exhibition for the Inauguration of Schoeni Gallery, Hong Kong

Force of Line (An Invitation Exhibition of Domestic and Overseas Sketchers), New York


Dream of China, Yanhuang Gallery, Beijing


Apocalypse of the 20-year Chinese Contemporary Art, International Art Exposition, New York

Chinese Characters in the Eyes of Artists, San Francisco

Printmaking Exhibition by Sifang Workshop, International Art Center, Beijing


Basel World Art Expo., Switzerland

Widener Art Foundation Invitation Exhibition, Germany


Open- Studios Exhibition, Xiayuan Artisits Community, Beijing

“Gate of the Century” Nomination Exhibition by Critics, Chengdu

2001 Printmaking Exhibition by Sifang Workshop, Shanghai Museum of Art


Joint Exhibition of Artists in Shangyuan, Macao

Printmaking Exhibition by Sifang Workshop, Guangzhou Museum of Art

Guangzhou Triennial Art Exhibition, Guangzhou Museum of Art

2003 Space on the Move, Red-Gate Art Gallery in Beijing


Korea Art Invitation Exhibition, Seoul

Nomination Exhibition by Fines Arts Literature, Hubei Province

Xi’an International Invitation Exhibition of Sketching, Xi’an

Australian International Invitation Exhibition of Sketching

2006 Artistic Exchange Exhibition between China and Japan, Nagoya

2006 China Contemporary Artistic Annual Exhibition, Beijing


Exchange Exhibition of Print between Australia and China, Sydney

Academic Achievements

1993 “Painting Collections of Contemporary Artists - Wang Huaxiang”, Published by China Pictorial

1994 “Over Shoes Over Boots”, Published by Hebei Art Press

1996 “Between Reality and Nihility”, Published by Schoeni Art Gallery of HK


“Master’s Tutorial-Wang Huaxiang’s Theory on Sketching”, Published by Hunan Art Press

Chief Editor for the sketching album of 1st/2nd issue of “Fine Art Literature”

Planner for 1999 Spring Auction of Hanhai Oil Paintings

Planner for the Century-Tip Book Series such as “Idols in Painting Circle”, “Master of Coloring”, “Spirit of Goddess Nv Wa”, “Trend of Chinese Paintings”, Published in Zhuhai

Planner for 1999 “Over Shoes Over Boots” Summer Sketching Camp named

2000 Established Feidi Art Workshop

2001 Planner for the six of “Recognition of Masters” Book Series, focusing on Light and Shade, Texture, Space, Physique, Structure and Visualization respectively, Published by Hebei Art Press


“Touching Reality”, Published by Hebei Art Press

“Feidi’s View”, Published by Lingnani Art Press

“Sketching by Feidi Art Workshop”, Published by Huashan Literature and Art Press

2003 “Wang Huaxiang’s Sketchings”, Published by Jilin Art Press


“A Bridge between One and his Academy---Sketch” (Individual Follow-up Case of Students in Central Academy of Fine Arts), Published by Hunan Art Press

“A Bridge between One and his Academy---Coloring” (Individual Follow-up Case of Students in Central Academy of Fine Arts), Published by Hunan Art Press

2005 “As Levity as Picasso”, Published by Hebei Art Press

2006 “The Way to Painting”, “Speaking at A Loose End”, Published by Hebei Art Press

2006 The Selected Oil Paintings of Wang Huaxiang --- “Reformation–Wang Huaxiang’s Portraits of Art History”

2007 Happily Astray A collection of works by Wang Huaxiang


The Invitation Exhibition of Korean Art

The Art Festival in North German


1989 Gold-Prize Winner in the Seventh National Art Exhibition

Works Collected by:

National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Museum of Art, Ludwich Museum of Germany,

Great Britain’s Art Foundation for Printmaking, etc.

Essays Published in the prints:

“Art”, “Fine Art Literature”, “Jiangsu Pictorial”, “Art Research”, “Contemporary Academic Art”, “Window”, “Xiongshi Art Monthly”, “Artists”, “Art Review”, “China’s Printmaking Today”, “Qunzi”, “New Times Pictorial”, “Europe Times”, “Art News”, “Temporary Art”, “Gallery”, etc.

Story Reported in the program/channel of:

“Art Reports” sponsored by CCTV and Chinese Television Network, as well as some websites such as,