Fu Yu
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Fu Yu Age: 26 Sex: Male Date of birth: August 2, 1982

Origin: Linfen City of Shanxi Province Education: Graduate

School: Chengdu, Sichuan Music Academy of Art (undergraduate) China Art Research Institute (postgraduate) Expertise: oil painting



selected "farmers Street Contemporary Art Exhibition" and "root" (• Chengdu, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts)


selected "second session of the farmers Street Contemporary Art Exhibition" Exhibitors

Works of installation "family • Water" by the Academy award (• Chengdu, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts)

Selected "ten brick Contemporary Art Exhibition" (blue space in Chengdu, Sichuan • Gallery)


selected "continuing speculation" collective work of the same year on May 11, in "continuing speculation" to do their own personal work. (• Chengdu, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts)

Selected the "Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition", (the Park of Shanghai Culture and Arts Center, Liu Haisu Art Museum) selected works of the "national institutions of higher learning in the school yearbook entries"

Selected "Third Avenue at Arts Festival" (Beijing North Lake Art)

After the 80 selected art exhibition "existence." Selected "outstanding graduates of the colleges and universities nominated Show." (Beijing today • Museum)


selected "after the first 70 artists invited to show" (Hangzhou, Hamburg, Germany), the exhibitors work "rat line" of the Gold Award

Participate in the China Art Research Institute Graduate School Graduation Exhibition (Yanhuang Art)

The Chinese contemporary art exhibition literature (Wall Museum of Art Museum Yonghe alliance)


selected "2008 Chinese New Year the second session of visual arts exhibition" (Beijing • 8 Art)

Participate in the "life force" Contemporary Art Exhibition (Beijing, the Pok Oi Nuri Gallery)

Selected the "May 4th Youth Festival" (Beijing-Hong Beach Museum of Art)