Deng Yifu
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1974 Born in Guangdong, China

Lives and works in Guangzhou, Beijing China


Model Design Diploma

Guangzhou School of Light Industry, Guangzhou, China


Guangzhou Academy of Arts, Luxun Academy of Arts, China


2007 Rejected collection: Contemporary Art Exhibition,Ke Center forContemporary Arts, Shanghai

2007 FCA-129 Guest Contemporary Art Exhibition,Fei Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai

2007 Indulgence, Contemporary Art Exhibition,Orange Gallery, Guangzhou, China

2007 Translucent Text, Red gallery, Beijing China

2006 From chin,Artists in Residence at Red gallery,2005-2006, Red gallery, Beijing China

2006 New Folk Movement:The Rebuilt Of Public Lives Contemporary Art Exhibition, Songzhuang, China

2006 Second Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists, Second Shanghai Duolun Museum of Moden Art, Shanghai, China

2006 Transfer: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou, China

2006 Dislocated :Anger (T)Here, Yonge street,Toronto, Canada

2005 IASK Changdong Interational Artists Exchang Program, National Art Studio Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2005 Archeology of the Future the Second Triennial of Chinese Art,Nanjin Museum, Nanjin, China

2005 Documentary Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Art Movements 1990~2005” He Xiangning Museum, Shenzhen

2005 Guangzhou Qi qiao ban-Preliminar Impressions, Room B1203, International Binary Star Garden, Guangzhou, China

2004 Now Contemporary Art Exhibition, Guangzhou, China

2004 Open Attitude: The First Youth Art Exhibition of Guangdong, Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou, China

2003 Microwave Contemporary Art Exhibition, Park-19 Art Space, Guangzhou, China

2003 Where to Go Contemporary Art Exhibition, Borges Libreria, Guangzhou, China

2003 The Second Contemporary Oils Exhibition of Guangdong, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China

2002 Shine of City Contemporary Art Exhibition, Huixian Building, Guangzhou, China

2001 Knowledge is power Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Xidan Books Building, Beijing, China

2001 Start – The 2001 New Youth Painting Exhibition, Shenzhen Museum Of Art, Shenzhen, China

2000 The First Contemporary Oil Paintings Exhibition of Guangdong, Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou, China


2006 Gate Gallery Resideny,Beijing, China

2005 International Artists Studio Program,National Museum Of Contemporary Art,Seoul,Korea

2004 Open Attitude: The First Youth Art Exhibition of Guangdong Award, Guangdong Museum Of Art, Guangzhou, China