Cang Xin
Resume Info Exhibitions Artworks Comments Video/interview

1967 Born in Suihua of Heilongjiang Province, China

1988 Studied in Tianjin Academy of Music

1991 Studied paint by himself

1993 live in East Town of Beijing Artist

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1993 “Virus Series: No.1” solo show of performance art, Beijing

1994 “Virus Series: Trample the Face” solo show of performance art, Beijing

1996 “Communication”: solo show of performance art, Beijing

1997 “Program for the Patient: Auto-write” solo show of performance art, Beijing


“Existence in Translation Cang Xin Solo Exhibition 1993-2006” Xindong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art (II),Beijing

“Existence in Translation Cang Xin Solo Exhibition 1993-2006” 10 Chancery Lane Gallery,Hong Kong

“Identity Exchange”,The Red Mansion Foundation, London

“Different Life”, East Link Gallery,Shang Hai


“Cang Xin” solo exhibition,Vanessa Art Link,Jakarta,Indonesia

“Existence in Translation Cang Xin Solo Exhibition",Espace Cultrural Ample, Bacerlona,Spain

Selected Group Exhibitions


“Asia Contemporary Art”, Tokyo, Osaka

“Post Eleven”, Zhaoyao Gallery, Beijing


“Heighten the Nameless Mountain by One Meter” performance art, Beijing

“Original Sound” performance art show, Beijing

“Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Changchun, China


 “Cage” installation & performance show, Beijing


 “431 Video & computer Art Exhibition”, Changchun, China


“Modern Photography of Four Artists”, Gallery, Tokyo

“Out of Control”, Beijing Design Museum.

“Start from China” New Art Exhibition, Beijing

“Unusual Way of Writing” show, Art Academy of Nanjing Normal University

“Traditional Visual Image” show, Fine Art Academy of Shanghai University

“Documentation of Chinese Installation Art Exhibition” Hong Kong


“Xieyang Island Performance Art Festival”, Guangxi

“2000 Image and Net Art Exhibition”, Changchun

“Home? Contemporary Art Project” show, Shanghai

“Man and Animals” performance art show, Beijing

“International Contemporary Art Interflow Exhibition”, Nanjing

“Photographs of Four Artists” show, London

“Amazing China”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai

“International Performance Art Festival”, Beijing

“Asian Art Festival” performance art photo exhibition”, Paris

“Documentation of Chinese Aveant-Garde Art in 90s Fuknoka Asian Art museum, Japan

“China’s Human Landscapes” Land Art Exhibition, Guilin, China

“Unusual and usual” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai


“Charming China”, Bangkok, Thailand

“The 8th International Performance Art”, Tokyo, Japan

“Hot Pot”, Kinesisk Samtidskunst, Chinese Contemporary Art, Norway

“Virtual Future”, GuangDong Museum of Art

“Hong Kong Chinese Contemporary Photography”, Hong Kong Art Center

“Contemporary Chinese Photography”, Galerie Loft, Paris, France

“Upricing” - Singapore, Kualu Lumpar, Taiwan, Beijing, Macau,

“Annual Exhibition of Chinese Photography”, Shandong, Dong Ying, China

“Courtyard Gallery Four Person Exhibition”, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China

“Neice Chinese Photography Festival”, Neice City, France

“Dialogo” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, October, Mantova, Italy

“Chinese Contemporary Performance Photography Exhibition”, November, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

“Dialogo - others” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chiesa Santa Teresa dei Maschi, Bari, Italy,

“Knowledge is Power” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Xidan, China


“N Identity” Nanjing, China

“Biennale of Sydney - The World May be Fantastic” Sydney, Australia

“Mask Vs. Face” Redgate Gallery, Beijing, China

Photography Group Exhibition,Courtyard Gallery,Beijing China

Ke Li Lang Over-Interest Conteemporary Art Exhibition,Singapore

Pingyao International Photography Festival,Pingyao,Shanxi

Making Dream,Portrait Donglang Gallery,Shanghai

Bridge-Contemporary Art Exhibition Jilin Changchun

The 1 Guangzhou Triennial Guangdong Art Museum,Guangdong


“Asian Art Festival”,Japan,Fokouka Asian Gallery

“Bare Androgyny”,Beijing,China

“A Stronge Heaven”Contemporary Chinese Photography Vienna National Museum.France National Museum Czechoslovakia National Museum.

“Public Space and personal eyes-new vision in China” Kampnagel Artist Center Hamburg Germany


“Spellbound Aura” The New Vision of Chinese Photography Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

“Sens Interdits?” Sensuality in Contemporary Chinese Art. Equipe des Arts Plastiques de l’ADDC; Ville et Centre Cultural

“Between Past and Future” New Photography and Video from China; New York International Center of Photography; Asia Society; Chicago David Alfred Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art; Seattle Art Museum; London Victoria and Albert Museum; Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt; Santa Barbara Museum of Art;

“The 9th Nipaf Asian Performance ART Series ‘04” Tokyo; Nagoya; Kyoto; Nagano;

“Moving ON” Contemnor Art Nus Museums National University of Singapore

The 4th Pingyao International Photography Festival,Pingyao,Shanxi

“Public Territory” the 1st Architectural Biennial Beijing; Public Space and Urban Environment

Australia Melbourne Art Exposition Beijing Red Gate gallery

“Chinese contemporary art photograph exhibition” Cologne photograph equipment exposition Berlin Alexandria gallery in German.


“Vehicle and Mirror” exhibition Beijing New Art Projects

“Photography Group Exhibition” London Red Mansion Foundation in England

“Out of The Red – 2 The photographic Session” Marella Gallery,Milan,Italy

“Living in Interesting Times A Decade of New Chinese Photography” The Open Museum of Photography,Haifa,Israel

“A Strange Heaven New Chinese Photography” Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Finland

“100 Artists for A Museum” Casoria Contemporary Museum, Italy

“Body Scape” Contemporary Chinese Photography and Performance Documentation Red Gate Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

“Unusual Scene Five Chinese Contemporary Artists’ Case Analysis”, Today Art Museum,Beijing

“Beauty Chinese Contemporary Art” Xin Dong Chen Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing

“Bad Girls, Good Girls” Red Foundation, London, England

“Inward Gazes” Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art Macao Museum of Art,Macao


“Bologna International Art Expo” Bologna, Italy


“Soldiers at the Gate Architecture+Art Project 2006-2008”,Beijing

“Transfashion lad”,CCCB Contemporary Museum,Barcelona,Spain

“Beyond Experience New China!” Arario Beijing

“Common Link” Vanessa Art Link, Beijing

“A Forest”,Space Other,Boston,USA

“Self-landscapes in Transition-Chinese Avantguard Photography Since 1990”,Asia Art Center,Beijing

“China Gate”Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition,Seoul, South Korea.


“Chinese Contemporary Sotsart”, The State Treyakov Gallery,Moscow

“ZHUYI!CHINA Contemporary Photography from China” ARTIUM Basque Centre and Museum of Contemporary Art, Victoria,Spain

“Evolution Guangzhou Photo Biennial”,Guangzhou,China

“Made in China Works from the Estella Collection”, Louisiana ,Museum of Modern Art ,Copenhagen,Denmark

“CHAI-NA/CHINA” Collective Photo Exhibition, RENCONTRES D’ARLES PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2007,Arles,France

“Cang Xin × Zhu Ming Museum’s Utilization and its Future: Extraterritorial Studies on Appreciation of Exhibit”, The Museum of Modern Art,Saitama,Japan

“Wild Beasts Chinese Expression of Animal Art”, Mook Gallery,Beijing

"Made in Beijing",Modern Fine Arts Museum of Korean Hong Ik University

"China Visual Arts Center.China Contemporary Art Exhibition",Hina Visual Arts Center,Beijing

"Made in Beijing", Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art,Shanghai