Chen Zhiguang
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Graduated from Art Department, Fujian Normal University in.


Dongyang International Wood Sculpture Contest,Dongyang, Zhejiang

International Sculpture Contest, Huian, Huian, Fujian

International Well-known Artist Nomination Exhibition,Austria


Grand Exhibition of Chinese Fine Arts,Beijing

China-Germany. Silk Road Nomination Exhibition,Frankfurt, Germany


"China.Imagination” Contemporary Sculpture, Sino-France Cultural Year,Paris

The 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Changchun,Xiamen

The 1st National Mural Contest,Beijing

China-Belgium Sculpture Nomination Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium


Chendu Biyearly Exhibition,Chengdu,China

Yellow Sky & Thick Earth Sculpture Exhibition,China Millennium Monument, Beijing

The 3rd International Sculpture & Art Festival, Quyang, China,Quyang, China

Hundred Years of Sculpture—Shanghai City Sculpture Exhibition,Shanghai, China


The 1st China Contemporary Annals Exhibition,Beijing, China

Endless Rivers & Mountains—North & South Painters’ Works Exhibition,National Art Museum of China, Beijing

“Temperature Humidity”—Chenzhiguang’s Works Exhibition,Xiamen, China

Chenzhiguang’s Works Exhibition,International Art Camp, Beijing.

The 2nd Songzhuang Art Festival,SongZhuang, Beijing

Sino-Korean Exchange Exhibition,Seoul, Korea

Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Beijing Millennulum Art Museum

The 2nd Today’s Chinese Fine Arts Grand Exhibition, National Art Museum of China


Wild Beasts, Gallery TN, Beijing


Solo exhibition, Gallery TN, Beijing